What is CoolSculpting?

With CoolSculpting Canton, you target fat that is difficult to remove through diet and exercise. The CoolSculpting procedure is non-invasive, meaning no surgery is required, no cuts are required, and there is little risk involved. The treatment is directed at stubborn fat in problem areas.
Ananda Medical Aesthetics & Laser Spa offers CoolSculpting, a safe and effective way to reduce body fat. If you are a patient who wants to burn unwanted fat away without opting for plastic surgery, body contouring treatment is the best way. Once your fat reduction treatment is over, you can resume your regular activities right away.

How does CoolSculpting treatment work?

This method freezes fat cells specifically in trouble spots. The procedure can reduce stubborn fat by 20-25% in the treatment areas, all without surgery or downtime. As fatty tissue goes away from treatment area, you can experience visible weight loss quickly, without having to go to a plastic surgeon.

Is CoolSculpting Boston worth it?

A skilled doctor, proper planning, and several sessions are required for Cool Sculpting to maximize its effectiveness at fat loss and reduce side effects. Non invasive body contouring is good for getting rid of bra fat and visible fat bulges. The following are some benefits of CoolSculpting session over traditional liposuction:

  • It is nonsurgical
  • It is noninvasive
  • It does not require any recovery time

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How long do results last?

CoolSculpting results should last forever. The reason is because CoolSculpting kills fat cells in thigh, upper arm or abdomen area and that excess fat does not come back. It is possible, however, to gain fat back in treated area after CoolSculpting if you gain weight after treatment.

How long does this cosmetic procedure take?

The average CoolSculpting procedure takes about an hour. It does not require a recovery period as there is no invasive surgery or tissue damage. CoolSculpting applicator may cause soreness at the site, similar to that experienced after a strenuous workout or minor injury.

CoolSculpting – what you need to know

In terms of success rate, CoolSculpting technology and other forms of cryolipolysis are very effective. Compared to liposuction, they are considered effective at removing treated fat cells from the body, and they have fewer side effects.

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