What are skin tags?

Skin tags are common small growths on the skin that are usually short and narrow. They are benign tumors, meaning they are NOT cancerous. Most commonly they are found on individuals over the age of 50. Skin tags appear on areas where the skin creases, such as the:







They can occasionally appear darker than other areas of the skin. A skin tag can become irritated easily when rubbed against clothing. Contrary to popular belief, skin tags are generally not a sign of any disease. If a skin tag is related to a disease, it is a small symptom of a pre-developed disease like type-2 diabetes.

Why do skin tags form?

There are multiple risk factors; however, as of now, it is unclear what exactly causes a skin tag to form. Skin tags can be symptoms of something bigger, such as:

  Being overweight



  Insulin resistance or type-2 diabetes

  Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Although these factors increase your chance for developing skin tags, they are not a guarantee. It is possible to have one or more of these risk factors and not develop a skin tag at all.

How does Ananda Medical Aesthetics remove skin tags?


CryoCorrect treatments use carbon dioxide to freeze skin tags for 5-8 seconds. Once frozen, the affected skin will turn a dark brown color. Within the next 3-5 days, the tag will scab over and eventually disappear. Once gone, you will be left with healthy, even skin.* Treatments can be performed on the face, hands, and anywhere else on the body.

Schedule your skin tag treatment

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