What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels that occur close to the skin, and are usually found near the nostrils, on the tip of the nose, in front of the ears and sometimes on the cheeks, but can also develop anywhere on the body. As we age and our skin loses volume, the skin becomes more translucent and these blood vessels become more evident. Genetics can play a role and sun damage can exacerbate the condition. This is a cosmetic concern that does not include symptoms or medical risks.

What causes facial and leg veins to develop?

Some of the most common causes of visible facial and leg veins include:

  Prolonged sun exposure


  Facial injuries

  Certain medical conditions (rosacea, lupus, or allergies)

UV rays from the sun cause collagen to break down, which results in visible facial veins, especially among people with lighter skin. As we get older, our skin get thinner and your veins weaken. A facial injury or even scrubbing your face too hard can break small veins and cause them to enlarge.

Why do spider veins commonly form on the legs?

Vein conditions are commonly found on the legs because the veins in this area of the body work against gravity to return blood to the heart for recirculation. Muscle contractions and elastic vein walls help with the fight against gravity, but as we age, a vein can lose its elasticity. As a result, the blood that should be moving toward your heart will flow backward, causing veins to appear. Pregnant women may also experience this condition, as their circulatory system adapts to support the growing fetus. This decreases the blood flow from the legs to the pelvis.

How does Ananda Medical Aesthetics treat spider veins?

  Spider vein removal

Dark and distracting veins on your face may appear because of vascular imperfections, but they can be easily removed with pulses of filtered light.* We can target your spider veins or broken vessels without affecting the surrounding tissue. This simple process does not require lengthy recovery time, and can get you looking your best with minimal discomfort.

Schedule your spider vein treatment in Norton

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